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Getting Started

The Innovation Orchard is run in cooperation with the Pomona Unified School District and in order to ensure the success and safety of all participants, there are various rules, regulations, and protocols that must be followed before registered iLab startups are allowed to take full advantage of all the services provided. These requirements are mandated by the Pomona Unified School District and the Innovation Orchard.

Due to the fact that the Innovation Orchard is located at Ganesha High School, one of the requirements required prior to entry into the Innovation Orchard is the completion of a background check, specifically a Live Scan. Live Scan services can be completed at the on-campus police station. For more information regarding getting a Live Scan done with the campus police visit their website.

Live Scan Application

Additionally, applicants are required to completed Tuberculosis testing. Applicants who are current students at Cal Poly Pomona may take the tuberculosis test free of charge at the Student Health and Counseling Services Center.

Student Health and Counseling Services


Safety is of utmost importance, so make sure to read the Safety Basic General Manual in its entirety. Applicants will be tested on all of the topics of the provided manual in order to gain access to the Innovation Orchard. Even applicants who do not intend to use any machinery are expected to study all aspects of the safety manual.

General Safety & Basic User Guide

Innovation Orchard logo

Innovation Orchard logo

Test Your Knowledge

In order to work with the various equipment made available, participants must be able to demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and understanding of proper use, conduct and handling of machinery through an exam and practical demonstration with one of our lab technicians.

Take a Test


After completion of all mandatory requirements, apply for access to the Innovation Orchard. Applications will be reviewed by our staff and applicants will be notified regarding permission or denial of entry. Please send any questions regarding the process to