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Creating a startup is a complex process requiring many essential steps to achieve success. Mentors are essential throughout the entrepreneurial journey. They can be a helping hand, a sounding board and a source of counsel at critical points in the development of a business. The iLab offers students experienced mentors to help them with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Currently, the iLab uses the TrustedPeer platform for mentorship. Click on the link below to register.


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Being a Good Mentee

Mentees, you must realize that your Mentor’s sole objective is to help your startup team develop skills and increase your chances of success. For that reason, make sure that you:

  • Are timely and professional
  • Follow up with your mentor on a bi-weekly basis
  • Learn from your mentor’s experiences (successes and failures)
  • Experience and learn about entrepreneurship opportunities through your mentor
  • Put as much time, effort, and thought in as desired with the mindset that “more IN-results, more OUT”