Talent Market

Welcome to the iLab Talent Market!

The iLab@CPP hosts a Talent Market where students, faculty, alumni and friends can both present their talents for others to search, and find talent to fill the roles in their own teams. Create your “Talent Profile” and other members looking for your talents will be able to reach out to you.

Go to the Talent Market

Our Talent Market is hosted on LinkedIn and you will be required to sign in with a LinkedIn account to access the group. To create a profile, please click here.

Talent Market Instructions

In order to keep the market secure, we actively moderate members who would like to join the group. You must request access to the talent market. A representative of the iLab@CPP will review your profile and grant you access.

After your request has been accepted, you may begin taking part in the discussion!

“How do I access the Talent Market from my LinkedIn account?”

To navigate to the iLab@CPP group from your profile:

  1. Drag your mouse over the Interests tab.
  2. Click on Groups.
  3. Select iLab@CPP Talent Market.

“I would like to add my Talent Profile to the group.”


To add your talent profile:

  1. Click on the Discussions tab.
  2. Enter a discussion title that describes the reason for your post. We recommend using the format “Talent Profile, (Student, Faculty, Alumni, or Friend)”. i.e. “Mike Smith, Student”.
  3. Briefly introduce yourself and describe your talents. This could be in the form of academic expertise, extensive knowledge, work experience and/or previous projects. Put some personality into your description!

“There’s this really awesome project I’m working on and I need some amazing people on my team!”

To search through other member’s talent profiles:

  1. Click on the Search tab.
  2. In the search box, fill in keywords related to your search.