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Reverse Mentoring Workshop

16 Oct , 2015  

Luke Sophinos has become a noteworthy figure in the world of entrepreneurship in the short time he has spent developing his product. At the age of 20, Sophinos had already launched his company, CourseKey, and acquired over $1 million in investment funding. The young entrepreneur came to Cal Poly Pomona accompanied by Ryan Vanshur, VP of Sales and Marketing, to put on an interactive informational session for the faculty. Mimicking a distant, impersonal lecture hall setting, Sophinos provided CPP professors with insight on reasons for student dissatisfaction through a”stadium seat” style interactive workshop. He then proposed a solution to the problem: CourseKey. This product would provide teachers with effective ways to engage large audiences of students. We hope the attendees of this event had fun reliving the student experience and got to learn something new from these entrepreneurs.